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Liquid Hydrogen Absorber R&D

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Some Talks


    MTA cryostat and cryo-loop design (02/21/03) by C. Darve

    Proposal for Convection Absorber Test with Hydrogen at Fermilab (02/21/03) by B. Norris

    Preparation of KEK absorber test, 01/31/03 by B. Norris

    Mucool Test Area Cryo-system design, MICE/Mucool, 09/22/02 by C. Darve

    Cryo-design, Absorber review, 08/13/02 by C. Darve

    Absorber cryo. and safety design, MICE/Mucool, 02/06/02 by C. Darve

    Results test Window #1 and #2, 11/26/01 by D. Kubik

    Absorber R&D @ Tsukuba, Japan, 05/28/01 by D. Kaplan

    Instrumentation 03/30/01 by C. Darve

    Status @ NIU(FEA+Instrumentation) 03/15/01 by C. Darve


Other hydrogen target experiments

    SAMPLE @ MIT (Autocad, version2000) , .JPG version , .ps complete version

    E158 @ SLAC (Autocad, version2000) .JPG version

    G0 @ JF Lab (Autocad, version2000) .JPG version


Pressure test (Abs. wind. R15 cm, 0.13 mm - first test) (Run1: Fev-June 2001)

    Schedule for the pressure test of the first window

    Window pressure test budget


Drawings of the LH2 absorber windows (.jpg) (Run 1: June 2001)

    R11 cm, t= 0.22 mm

    R15 cm, t= 0.13 mm

    R18 cm, t= 0.363 mm

Updated 24 January 2002 : Ch.Darve

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