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My Personal Information

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BS Physics; CQE, CQA, CQMgr through the ASQ

Division/Department(s): TD/Quality & Materials, and Machine Shop

Office Location: Industrial Center Building (first floor) and Lab 4 (Village)

Mail Station: 316

Work Phone: 630-840-2800, or 4784

Work E-mail:

Sharepoint: my site

Various links of interest:

·        Fermilab

·        Quality related information

                              ® Here is the Powerpoint presentation made at the 05-Dec-2006 ASQ Section 1208 meeting

·        Department of Energy - this includes the other DOE labs

·        Physics

                              ® Here is the Powerpoint presentation made in December 2009 in my son’s 5th-grade science class (you may need to download it to be able to see the animations)

® Here is the presentation I made in May 2011 to my son’s 6th-grade class. It contains links to three multimedia files, so you’ll probably have to download them as well (and put them in the same folder as the pptx file for the links to work).

This is a list of articles that I have. E-mail me if you would like a copy of one that is not electronic.

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Projects (click here for my public projects directory)

These links will take you to various projects that I am or have worked on (if I have given you access).

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Quality and Materials home page

® Self-assessment summary page

® Division Policies/Procedure manual

® Documents in OnBase (to provide direct links to queries/documents, use docpop; here’s the ActiveX version too))

®  Pictures of magnets and other devices (onsite only)

® MSD Joblist page, or JobFiles folder

® List of standards available electronically (onsite only)

® Scanned drawings archive (onsite only)

® Our electronic traveler system, Vector

® Office of Quality and Best Practices (OQBP) page; list of DOE Orders on the contract

® Quality Development Team page; my page for the QDT

International Linear Collider (ILC)

® Folder for Cavity Processing Data Management

§         Committee charge

§         Needs assessment document

® Link to the DESY cavity databank (part of TTF)

® Link to the FNAL A0 web page (contains a data management system)

§         Web entry for the SCRF data

§         Reports

® Link to the 9-cell cavity tracking database

® Link to the 1-cell cavity tracking database

® Link to J-Lab’s Pansophy system

® Link to J-Lab’s Pansophy system installed in Technical Division

® Link to Technical Division’s Vector e-traveler system

® ILC Data Management committee page, my meeting minutes

® ILC Engineering Data Management (DESY EDMS)

Project X

                        ® Link to the 325 MHz Cavity and Single-spoke Resonator (SSR) tracking database

Fermilab Booster

                        ® BMA Sub-assembly inspection plots

Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

® Fermilab QA Plan

® CERN LHC QA plan

® Jan 2002 Production Readiness Review presentation

® Discrepancy Reports for all magnets

® Integration procedures:


® Iceballs on correction coil lead stacks (onsite only)

® TSDR169 autopsy report (DRAFT), or general folder (onsite only).

® Correction coil lead stack clamp failure log, or general folder (onsite only).

® Tevatron device status report (DRAFT - Excel spreadsheet)

® Low-beta device spare report

® 2006 dipole “reshimmingstatus

® Possible extension of Tevatron operations post-LHC page


® 3.9 GHz SCRF project test ASP Cavity report (fake data)

® 3.9 GHz SCRF project production half-cell report (real data)

® 3.9 GHz SCRF project production cavity report (real data)

Pierre Auger Observatory

® QA Plan, and Conventions

® Meeting records

o        Instructions

® CERN EDMS and Drawing Directory

o        Instructions for finding files

o        Drawing Registration

o        HPGL viewer information

o        Setting up an EDMS account

® Auger admin page

® Southern site electronic log book (password protected)

Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)

® Fermilab QA Plan

® ME234/2 travelers

Managing Device Data

® Policy/procedure describing the system: TD-2030

® Onbase web login

® Accelerator Division device database

Electronic Travelers

Technical Division Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey


Legal Notices